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The Toronto South Detention Centre is a correctional facility in Toronto, Canada. It is a Government of Ontario-operated medium-security correctional facility for adult male inmates serving a sentence of 2-years-less-a-day or less. It is built on the site of the former Mimico Correctional Centre which closed in 2011 and whose origins dated to 1887. The Toronto South Detention Centre officially opened on January 29, 2014 replacing the Toronto Jail (Don Jail) and the Toronto West Detention Centre as well as the demolished Mimico Correctional Centre. Toronto South is the second-largest jail in Canada, only the Edmonton Remand Centre is larger.

The new facility consists of both a maximum-security building, housing up to 1,650 remanded offenders awaiting trial, and a medium-security building – the Toronto Intermittent Centre (TIC) – accommodating up to 320 inmates serving primarily weekend sentences. The maximum-security building is the first in Ontario to be constructed from prefabricated concrete cells that can be stacked with minimal support structure.

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