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The Thunder Bay Jail was built in 1926, a time of architectural design and style, grumpily described by a famed Architectural Historian, H. H. Russell, as being ruled by “eclecticism that permitted an archeological sort of revival Gothic to thrive as a mode for churches and educational institutions.” While the Thunder Bay Jail is not a formal educational institution, it does have many stylistic references to the Neo-Gothic style, which was used so often throughout the Province of Ontario between 1900-1945 for scholastic buildings. It became known also as the “Collegiate Gothic” style.

In general terms, Neo-Gothic Collegiate Gothic design elements include a symmetrical facade composition, grandness of scale, monochromatic exterior finishes and a stress on horizontal lines. The Thunder Bay Jail, which has an inmate capacity of 102, features a symmetrical front façade, organized around a projecting entry area, with corner turrets and a flattened Gothic limestone arch, also referred to as a compound arch, at the entry door.

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