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Let’s look into a brief explanation of how Collect Calls generally work:

jail call

To get in touch with you, your loved one will use a payphone to call you. The service provider requires the inmate to call collect, where you will accept the charges and pay in bulk with your monthly bill. When you accept a collect call, you are paying per minute, per call, and a connection fee in every call. To calculate a 20 minute call, you will be paying $13 plus taxes. If your loved one calls you twice a day, that adds up to almost $1300 a month!

Disadvantages to this:
• You don’t know exactly how much the charges are
• Your billing will always have surprise charges
• You won’t be able to budget your costs
• You are spending a lot more money than you need to

This is where Canada Relink Call2Talk comes to save you money!

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Your Quick Solution!

With Canada Relink Call2Talk, your loved one will call you with a pre-approved number. You can receive the calls on your cell phone or home phone. You will then accept the call at a $1.50/call. No other charges will apply because your long distance minutes are included in your flat monthly rate. This means unlimited talk time and no per minute charges.

Advantages of switching to Canada Relink Call2Talk:

  • You know exactly how much you are paying
  • No surprise monthly charges
  • You will be able to budget your costs
  • You are in control of your calls


Three easy steps to start saving today:

1. Contact a Canada Relink Call2Talk representative at 1-866-735-4651
2. Sign up
3. Talk to your loved one, and save money!



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