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Providing Advanced Service Canada Relink

Call2Talk provides you the most advanced service in its time. Not only do we offer you flexible collect call packages, you can also pay as you go! You can receive calls on your cell phone, home phone or even a payphone. There is no more need for those pesky calling or phone cards. Both of our services can be billed directly to the account of your choice. Rest assured that we use the most advanced technology to keep you connected!


Canada Relink Call2Talk offers UNLIMITED TALK TIME which means no surprise per minute charges. Now, you don’t have to time your calls, or worry if you are going above budget. This gives you COMFORT in knowing you can talk as much as you want and at EASE with your loved one.


No matter where you are, or what phone you are using, you will receive your calls EFFICIENTLY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. You also have the flexibility of adding as many calls as you want, ANYTIME.


We make it easier than ever for you to receive calls from your loved one. We have removed the stress of credit checks and contracts in order to GET YOU STARTED FAST with a company you can trust since 1997. You can cancel anytime. Rest assured that we have got you connected with NO HASSLES.


Thanks to our extremely AFFORDABLE FLAT MONTHLY RATE, talking to your loved one everyday with Canada Relink Call2Talk will REDUCE YOUR BILL SUBSTANTIALLY! Our customers have been able to SAVE UP TO 80% on their monthly bills just by getting on board with Canada Relink Call2Talk. You’ll see how much you can save just by switching. Call us today, and dare to compare!


No matter where you are or what phone you are using, you can easily receive Canada Relink Call2Talk calls. Just provide us with the phone number you would like to use and we will have you connected to your loved one within minutes. GET ON BOARD WITH A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST.


Now, for the light talker, we have a program coming your way. If you don’t talk as much, we will be tailoring A PER MINUTE PACKAGE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU. At Canada Relink Call2Talk, we have all your needs covered!


5 minutes is all it takes to set up your new Canada Relink Call2Talk account. START MAKING AND RECEIVING CALLS, NOW! Unlike the other guys, long set up times are never an issue at Canada Relink Call2Talk. We know you want and that’s to talk. Call us today and experience our Fast Instant Activation!


There’s no longer any need to be confined to your desktop pc to access our Web Portal. You can now access your account on the go via any Smartphone or Tablet. You can see the numbers called and EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAID PER CALL. You can now review your balance or top up your account with your PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. At Canada Relink Call2Talk, we bring the convenience to you.


Canada Relink Call2Talk is here to help. You can reach us 24 HOURS A DAY AND 7 DAYS A WEEK Text, email or IM. For loading, activating, jail moves, balance requests will be offered from 9am to 8pm by text, email & IM

Emergencies such as Number changes, emergency activations, emergency account loads must be texted in stating Emergency. The emergency after hour team will take care of all emergencies only after our normal operating hours.


Not everyone’s wallet is the same, so why would we offer just one method of payment? Unlike the other companies, We take E transfers, Western Union, ALL major Credit Cards, online bill payments and direct deposits! Canada Relink Call2Talk now makes it even easier to collect call your loved ones.


We know it’s not easy keeping track of your account balances; so that’s why we’ve introduced Auto balance notifications. YOU SET THE DOLLAR AMOUNT for the low balance reminder and we’ll automate an email, phone call or even a TEXT MESSAGE, right to the phone of your choice. YOU’LL NEVER BE SHORT ON CREDITS AGAIN. Sign up today!

** Feature Coming Soon


If you happen to find a lower Canadian advertised price, offering a comparable and currently available service, CANADA RELINK CALL2TALK WILL MATCH THE PRICE & CREDIT YOU WITH FREE CALLS! (Ask for Details) Just let us know the company offering it, the price and the type of service being offered, and you’re set. Instant savings! Call us today for more information.