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The Windsor/Essex Gaol completed with gallows, was constructed in 1925 and opened in 1926. It’s original capacity was 101 inmates – 91 male and 10 female. The Windsor/Essex Gaol is a maximum security institution sitting on a half acre, three storeys high and surrounded by 20 foot cement walls. In 1968 The name of the Essex County Gaol was changed to South West Detention Centre. Previously run by the county, the jail is now operated by the province. Changed more than 35 years ago, the old name still sticks. Today efforts are underway to improve the interior and exterior appearance of the facility. The jail has a long an interesting history which is being discovered and shared as this site is developing.

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We will provide you with a local telephone number for collect calls, near the South West Detention Centre, for your inmate to call as if it were your original home, work or mobile number. When the inmate calls the local Collect Call number that we issue, we will route the call to your current or any other telephone number without alteration to your existing line. Only two things change in the way you will receive prison telephone calls from Windsor; the telephone number your inmate dials and the new lower cost of prison calling.

With Canada Relink Call2Talk, inmates in South West Detention Centre will save more than 80% on their prison telephone calls.
**Local Rate Centre is Windsor**

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**Local Rate Centre is Windsor**