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The Toronto West Detention Centre, often referred to as simply The West, is a maximum-security remand facility located in Rexdale, a community located in the north-west corner of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The facility was known as the Metropolitan Toronto West Detention Centre until Rexdale, as part of the City of Etobicoke, became part of the newly amalgamated City of Toronto in 1998.

With a designed capacity for 631 prisoners, the Toronto West Detention Centre currently houses adult males who have been remanded into custody while awaiting trial or sentencing, are serving short sentences, or are awaiting transfer to federal or provincial correctional facilities. Over the years the Toronto West Detention Centre has at times also housed female and juvenile offenders. From October 1997 through January 1999 the facility underwent extensive retrofitting of its security systems using up-to-date technology. The facility has also housed foreign nationals being detained on security certificates.

In January 2008, staff at the prison staged a walk out in protest of three correctional officers being disciplined for failing to notice actions later seen on security cameras.

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